1: 50m Forward Fever: Arsenal's search for the next Bergkamp heats up.

2: Legendary Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp's legacy at Arsenal inspires quest for new star.

3: Club's ambitious pursuit of a £50m forward intensifies with each transfer window.

4: Fans speculate on potential signings to fill Bergkamp's legendary boots at Emirates Stadium.

5: Manager Mikel Arteta hints at upcoming transfer plans to bolster Arsenal's attacking lineup.

6: Arsenal's history of iconic forwards fuels excitement for future star striker's arrival.

7: Speculation mounts as club prepares for high-stakes bidding war for top-tier forward talent.

8: Follow Arsenal's quest for the next Bergkamp as transfer rumors swirl and anticipation grows.

9: The clock is ticking as Arsenal's search for a £50m forward reaches its boiling point.