1: The Dallas Cowboys' slow decline has been a joy for NFC East rivals, who are thriving as America's Team struggles.

2: Rivals in the NFC East are taking advantage of the Cowboys' struggles, capitalizing on their demise this season.

3: As Dallas falters, NFC East rivals are stepping up and making the most of the Cowboys' downfall.

4: The once-mighty Cowboys are now at the mercy of their NFC East rivals, who are reveling in their demise.

5: NFC East rivals are relishing the downfall of the Dallas Cowboys, who are now struggling in the division.

6: The NFC East is thriving as the Dallas Cowboys falter, giving their division rivals reason to celebrate.

7: Dallas' demise is NFC East rivals' delight as they take advantage of the Cowboys' struggles this season.

8: The NFC East is buzzing with excitement as the Cowboys' decline gives rivals a competitive edge.

9: As the Cowboys flounder, NFC East rivals are thriving and enjoying the demise of 'America's Team'.