1: Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias arrested on domestic violence charges. Shocking news rocks the baseball world.

2: Urias faces five charges after altercation with his girlfriend. Team and fans left in disbelief and disappointment.

3: Dodgers organization releases statement condemning Urias' behavior. Calls for justice and accountability.

4: Legal proceedings begin as Urias prepares to face consequences. Impact on team chemistry and morale.

5: Urias suspended indefinitely by MLB pending investigation. Questions raised about his future with the team.

6: Support and backlash pour in for Urias from fans and critics alike. Public outcry for justice and transparency.

7: Urias apologizes for his actions, vows to seek help and make amends. Calls for second chance and rehabilitation.

8: Dodgers face tough decision on Urias' future with the team. Balancing talent with integrity and accountability.

9: Urias' case shines light on larger issue of domestic violence in sports. Calls for education and prevention in professional athletics.