1: NBA star Draymond Green faces backlash. Fans call for accountability after Timberwolves injury.

2: Outrage grows over Green's controversial response. Critics question his sportsmanship and empathy.

3: Social media erupts with criticism of Green. Calls for NBA to take action against unsportsmanlike conduct.

4: Green's reputation tarnished by Timberwolves incident. Fans demand accountability for his actions on the court.

5: Pressure mounts on Green to apologize for his behavior. Critics accuse him of lacking sportsmanship and respect.

6: Public outcry over Green's insensitive reaction. Fans urge NBA to address unacceptable behavior on the court.

7: Green under scrutiny for controversial on-court behavior. Calls for disciplinary action against the NBA star amplify.

8: Fans express disappointment in Green's reaction to injury. Demand for accountability and sportsmanship in professional basketball.

9: Green's actions spark debate on player conduct. Fans call for integrity and respect in the game of basketball.