1: Ezekiel Elliott's Contract Coup Cowboys' star RB secures record-breaking deal. Ready to dominate the gridiron once more.

2: Team loyalty pays off for Elliott. Redefining the running back market with new contract. Cowboys poised for success with star player locked in.

3: All eyes on Elliott as season approaches. Record contract sets high expectations for star RB. Cowboys banking on Elliott to lead them to victory.

4: Elliott's work ethic and talent shine on the field. Contract coup solidifies his position as one of the best. Cowboys and RB set to dominate gridiron once more.

5: Offseason drama ends with Elliott's contract extension. Cowboys make bold move to secure their star player. Excitement builds as team preps for upcoming season.

6: Elliott's impact on and off the field unmatched. Cowboys bet big on RB's talent and leadership. Fans eager to see star player dominate gridiron again.

7: Elliott's talent transcends the field. New contract cements his role as a key player for Cowboys. Expectations high for star RB to lead team to victory.

8: Cowboys commit to Elliott for the long haul. Record-breaking contract reflects RB's value to team. Gridiron dominance in sight for star player.

9: Elliott's contract coup signals new era for Cowboys. Star RB poised to lead team to success. Excitement building as season kickoff approaches.