1: "Zeke's Contract Dispute" After a long negotiation, Ezekiel Elliott signs a new contract with the Cowboys, paving the way for his return to the gridiron.

2: "Training Camp Drama" Fans hold their breath as Zeke misses training camp while waiting for his contract to be finalized.

3: "Season Opener Excitement" The Cowboys and their fans rejoice as Zeke returns just in time for the season opener.

4: "Zeke's Stellar Performance" Elliott shines on the field, proving his worth with incredible plays and memorable touchdowns.

5: "Team Unity" Zeke's return strengthens the team's bond and inspires them to work even harder for success.

6: "Playoff Push" The Cowboys, led by Zeke, make a strong push towards the playoffs with their eyes set on the ultimate goal.

7: "MVP Contender" Ezekiel Elliott emerges as a top contender for the MVP award with his outstanding play throughout the season.

8: "Super Bowl Dreams" With Zeke leading the charge, the Cowboys dream of a Super Bowl victory becoming a reality.

9: "Legacy Secured" Elliott's dramatic return cements his legacy as a Cowboys legend, beloved by fans for years to come.