1: Kevin Costner’s Horizon, a new film with a lengthy runtime, has fans buzzing.

2: Is the movie’s runtime justified? Some say yes, while others are skeptical.

3: Critics have praised Costner’s performance, but will audiences sit through a long movie?

4: Director Sofia Coppola defends the runtime, citing the film’s epic scope and emotional depth.

5: With big names like Costner and Coppola attached, Horizon promises a cinematic experience like no other.

6: Costner’s dedication to the role is evident in every scene, drawing audiences in for the long haul.

7: As anticipation builds, will Horizon live up to the hype surrounding its runtime?

8: Fans eagerly await the release date, ready to see if Costner’s latest project is worth the marathon viewing.

9: Regardless of the runtime, one thing’s for sure – Kevin Costner’s Horizon is a must-see for film lovers.