1: Is This the New Bergkamp? Arsenal's rumored pursuit of a £50m forward has fans buzzing.

2: Fans Go Wild Over Arsenal's New Target Could this player be the next Bergkamp at Arsenal?

3: Arsenal's Big Money Move The £50m forward linked to Arsenal has fans dreaming big.

4: The Curious Case of Arsenal's Transfer Target Is this player the new Bergkamp fans have been waiting for?

5: Arsenal's Frenzy Over Potential Signing Will the £50m forward live up to the hype?

6: A New Dawn for Arsenal? Fans are excited about the possibility of a marquee signing.

7: The Next Bergkamp? Arsenal fans can't contain their excitement over the club's pursuit of a £50m forward.

8: Arsenal's Pursuit of a Star Forward Is this player the missing piece in Arsenal's quest for glory?

9: Dreams of Bergkamp 2.0 Arsenal fans are hopeful that the £50m forward could be the next legend at the club.