1: "Kevin Costner's 'Horizon' receives mixed reviews for its lengthy runtime."

2: "Critics praise Costner's performance, but question the need for a three-hour epic."

3: "Fans appreciate the scope of 'Horizon,' but some feel it drags in parts."

4: "Costner defends the runtime, citing the importance of storytelling in epic films."

5: "Some viewers find the runtime to be a test of patience, while others are captivated."

6: "'Horizon' raises debate on whether film length impacts overall enjoyment."

7: "Costner's dedication to the project shines through, regardless of runtime critiques."

8: "Despite runtime opinions, 'Horizon' remains a must-see for fans of epic cinema."

9: "Experience the epic length of 'Horizon' and decide for yourself its impact on storytelling."