1: The wait is over – Zeke is back! Cowboys Nation rejoices as Ezekiel Elliott triumphantly returns on a new contract.

2: Fans celebrate Zeke's return with open arms as the star running back takes the field once again for the Cowboys.

3: After a long negotiation, Zeke's contract dispute ends in victory for the running back and the Cowboys organization.

4: Welcome home, Zeke! The star player's return sparks excitement and optimism among Cowboys fans everywhere.

5: Zeke's contract triumph brings relief and joy to the Cowboys community as they prepare for a successful season ahead.

6: Cowboys Nation erupts with excitement as Ezekiel Elliott's return signals a bright future for the team.

7: Zeke's presence on the field ignites a renewed sense of pride and passion within the Cowboys fan base.

8: With Zeke back in the lineup, the Cowboys are poised for greatness as they embark on a new chapter of success.

9: Welcome back, Zeke! Cowboys Nation stands united in celebration as Ezekiel Elliott's return brings hope and inspiration to the team.